The past few years were a wild ride for Fatcake.

We set up shop down in the New Mexico badlands, establishing Fatcake as a local NM production services enterprise, along with her sister company, Dead Thief Outfit.  For two years, we delved deep into the world of complexity science and are finishing up the premium pilot experiment.  We continued to dance with LA and all of her mysterious ways…and here’s what led us to this moment.

Backtrack.  A few years back, our gang worked our asses off creating a dynamic sizzle reel for a TV show about a subject matter we’re very passionate about – the future of the ocean. We used our own resources, our own money, our own skills, and our own minds to come up with something that we think deserves to be on the air – a story that needs to be told.  The base line?  Fish fraud.

Once we were done with the siz, we partnered with the good folks at Asylum Entertainment and together, we witnessed this seed of an idea get bought and go straight to an 8-episode series order. It’s home? National Geographic Channel. It don’t get much better than that childhood dream.  So, we all scooted down to the Gulf of Mexico for a long spell to make the show, Big Fish Texas. Not only are we so proud of this undertaking, we are encouraged. We are hopeful about the way things are moving in our world and we are here to collaborate. To create. To share. To – simply put – make good TV and only good TV.  And, you know – it all takes forever.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

For Fatcake, our past defines our future. On the production front, we’ve done big reality/unscripted shows – The Amazing Race, America’s Next Top Model, and Jerseylicious to name just a few. We’ve worked for industry giants like Harpo and been to Africa to make a documentary about Oprah opening her girl’s leadership academy that aired on ABC. We’ve ran multiple shows at once, managing millions of dollars. We’ve made history at Discovery with an ahead-of-its-time foodie TV show that let Misty host, direct, produce and write (they’d never let on-air talent helm like that before Craving Adventure). We’ve delivered to almost every major cable outlet (History, Nat Geo, Discovery, A&E, Lifetime, ABC, CBS, NBC, Comedy Central, HGTV, etc….). We’ve built and structured movies, docs, tv series, pilots, sizzles and presentations from the ground up. We know every scrap there is to know of that behind-the-scenes world and the budgeting process.  We’ve will continue to spend time in the Middle East after helping pull together a ground breaking new talk show with humanitarian Zainab Salbi – a force to be reckoned with – for Discovery International.  Filmed in Turkey and produced all in Arabic PS.  Talk about a doozie.  As well as a stint in Singapore putting together a series of branded commercials for The Financial Times.

Which brings us to today. Right now. The TV world is changing. The way people view content is moving in such a different direction than it was a few years ago. So, it’s time to change with them. Go with the flow.   So, that’s what we are going to do – Investigate. Dig deeper. Ask the questions. Get to the truth – and entertain along the way.  New frontiers, if you will.

That said, see you out there. And, if you have something we might dig (knowing our past), send it along. We are ears wide open always.

Worked On

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Misty Tosh

Misty Tosh, a life-long military brat, left the mountains of Chattanooga, Tennessee at a young age and took the edgier route in life, skipping college and heading straight to Hollywood to work in TV & movie production.

Over the past two decades, she’s hustled her way into multiple top-­rated reality shows as an Executive in Charge/Line Producer (The Amazing Race, America’s Next Top Model, Last Comic Standing, Southern Belles, Oprah Winfrey’s The Big Give, Question of Love to name a few) and though she stays busy traveling the world producing multiple seasons of mega-hit reality television shows (Jerseylicious + Glam Fairy for Endemol USA and The Style Network) and awe inspiring documentaries like ABC’s Building a Dream: The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy in the slums of South Africa, what excites her the most is heading out into the wild with her super-human dogs, Minka & Pancho, and hunting down new show ideas.

She loved making the jump to Executive Producer, creating an 8-episode TV series for National Geographic Channel about fish fraud and sustainable fishing in the Gulf of Mexico,  Big Fish Texas.  She also recently spent time in Istanbul working with renowned humanitarian Zainab Salbi as the EIC on the ground-breaking Arabic talk show for Discovery International and TLC (The Nidaa Show), as well a stint in Singapore putting together a series of branded content commercials for The Financial Times.  She is currently finishing up EP’ing and Directing a science pilot which digs deep into the world of Scale.



Craving Adventure (filmed on a tiny island in Nicaragua), the television show for Travel Channel that she created, starred in, wrote, and directed was loosely based off of her epic love affair with rural street food that she covers in her colorful blog, Big Sweet Tooth.

In the down time, Misty takes on projects like rehabbing her unique floating home into an all-­green dream in Southern California (read the LA Times article here), blazing the back roads of Mexico and cruising around the Sea of Cortez in her vintage pirate-­style sail boat.

4th World Love, the grassroots NGO she created to empower communities in distant lands, was born after she worked with Oprah Winfrey in Africa and had a life changing experience in a remote Muslim village in Indonesian. With a thriving volunteer program and a successful English school in place on the beautiful island of Lombok, 4WL is a dedicated, life-long project super close to her heart.

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Side Projects

4th World Love


Our global NGO that specializes in community empowerment in distant lands – think volunteering, free English schools, and lending a hand to help the locals realize their dreams.

Big Sweet Tooth


Misty shares dispatches from the far corners of the globe about food/adventure/travel – it’s all about finding (and living) the good life….one full belly at a time.